About Us

Legal marketing strategy and implementation for solo and small law firms is different than that of medium and large law firms. Attorneys and their firms need reliable, consistent consultation from experts who can treat them as if they are one of few, not one of thousands.

Solo practitioners and small law firms are small businesses, where every dollar counts. No longer is their only option to rely on large corporations to tell them how to spend this money, before they move on to the next firm and do the same thing. Promark is a legal marketing firm with a small group of marketing professionals who focus solely on the legal industry.

We focus on very similar service to that of the large corporate legal marketing firms, and have an extremely tailored approach to each of our clients. We know exactly how many clients we can effectively handle and we never exceed that number. Our goal is to truly act as your marketing resource, without hidden agendas or without constantly thinking about the next sale.

I personally act as your consultant as we navigate our way through the best efforts as well as analyze the results of the steps we’ve have made. You want marketing that not only drives new clients, but also represents your firm’s hard earned reputation.

Call us to consult with you. We’re located right here in Manhattan and constantly make trips to our clients on a weekly basis. We don’t charge a consult fee and you’ll find there is a lot we don’t charge for. We are your personal resource and we’re here for you.

Before we meet we’ll take a take a look at your current and past marketing efforts: everything from your past to present websites, if you’re currently doing any online search engine marketing, your firms blogging habits, your social media presence and more. Next we’ll have a meeting of the minds, to strategize and learn about not only your professional goals but also your personal goals. Lastly we’ll develop a plan for your success.

No sales pitch, only what’s needed to hit your goals. Unlike the competition, we wont be asking for signatures for “the next best thing you should be doing”.

Feel free to call. We don’t bite.