Call Answering & Web Chat

Call Answering and Online Chat

Client Intake is Key.

Often it’s when a new client calls a firm that the communication can drop and that new client is lost. Make sure your communications are covered from A to Z.

Never Miss An Opportunity.

More Clients

Give your clients the opportunity to to connect with your firm any way they can. Be ready to meet your clients need anywhere you are.

Better Clients

Reduce time spent on pre-screening activities while achieving better results, freeing up your staff for more billable work.

Increase Efficiency

With call answering and web chat services let professionals process your new clients. Now, it's time to free up your staff for focusing on their jobs at hand.

Legal consumers are quick.

Now more than ever people need to be able to connect with attorneys. Our virtual client intake teams allow attorneys to always answer the call, without interruption, even when they are unavailable.

Mobile Messages

A simple way to connect with potential clients while in your travels. Always have the opportunity to land that new client.

Custom Answering

Connect only with serious clients. With legal call answering operators only focus on the important questions to send you the most valuable leads.

Start To Finish

Track all calls from start to finish. If you are unavailable to answer the forwarded call we will send you a text or email so you can plan accordingly.